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“Things I Didn’t Buy” List

  If you’ve never heard of the “Things I Didn’t Buy” list, then you’re in for a real treat. The “Things I Didn’t Buy” list is a way to keep track of all of the things you didn’t spend money on and reward yourself with something worthwhile for your efforts. IT’s is a simple strategy […]

Reset Your Finances with a Spending Cleanse

  You may be familiar with the term “cleanse.” It’s often associated with eating habits. For example, many use a cleansing strategy from time to time to clean up their diet. Maybe they’ve gotten out of control with their eating habits (which often happens during the holidays) and they need a little something extra to […]

How to Avoid Raising Entitled Children

  Parenting children is complicated. We love our kids and we want to help them in any way we can. We want them to feel happy and carefree, but we also want them to be self-sufficient and humble. As parents, we give and give and give, and we hope that one day our kids will […]

You Only Live Once, So Plan Well

  You Only Live Once, So Plan Well Since the end of January, #YOLO has been a rallying cry on internet message boards where amateur investors drove up stock prices for video game retailer GameStop and movie theatre chain AMC. While everyone should have opportunities to build wealth via the markets, we believe this particular […]

Are You Living in a Money Prison?

  Most personal finance advice is focused on spending less and saving more. The financial gurus love to target the overspenders and those who are living beyond their means. While saving and frugality are central tenants to a successful financial plan, there’s another side to the personal finance coin. I’m talking about the super savers. […]

Financial Heavy Hitters: The Big Three

  Life is a constant stream of decisions, most of which come and go with little impact or fanfare. Then there are the big ones, the decisions of the life-changing variety. You know the ones: whether or not to marry and to who, to have children and how many, to quit your safe, comfortable corporate […]

6 Creative Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

  Do you know what your credit score is? Are you looking to improve it? I know, talking about credit, credit history, and credit scores doesn’t rank high on most people’s list of fun conversations. And yet, your credit score is something you should be talking about or at least aware of because it’s really […]