Money Mentorship is about getting your money mindset right; it isn’t about the “money.”

It’s about reaching your life’s purpose, living a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Your Money Mentor can help you create a personalized financial life game plan that supports your most meaningful pursuits.

Your Money Mentorship Program Includes

One-on-one sessions tailored to your unique situation

Unlimited email correspondence

Personal development and financial workbooks and exercises

Lifetime access to Money Like Never Before course

You Will Receive

Real-world answers to your most pressing financial questions. You won’t simply be told to “spend less money!”

Motivation, support, and accountability through your dedicated Money Mentor. We partner with you so you see real change.

Your personal FPS (Financial Positioning System) that guides your financial life decisions.

Money Mentorship is Right,

If You …

Want to make better financial choices and finally take control of your financial life

Avoid your bank account … but know you shouldn’t

Have compelling goals … but don’t know how to get there

Want a trusted guide who will say, “here’s the best way forward and let me tell you why…”

Don’t like to tackle money topics alone

Want real solutions that fix the root cause of your problems (no judgy lectures on debt or how you need a budget)

Tailored to Your Personal Goals

Your Money Mentor can help you …

Dig out of credit card debt … and never go back

Pay for dinner and drinks with friends and not feel guilty about it

Get control of your student loan issues

Improve your credit score – lower your interest rates

Set fun and realistic financial goals

Get off the living paycheck-to-paycheck grind

Identify and ELIMITATE financial saboteurs

Feel good about money – no guilt, shame, or fear

Have Confidence in Your Financial Future!

Ready for Money Mentorship?  Start Here…

Single Session


(1) – 2 Hour Coaching Session


*Must be used within 30 days

4 Sessions


(4) – 1 Hour Coaching Sessions


*Must be used within 90 days

8 Sessions


(8) – 1 Hour Coaching Sessions
(Best Value)


*Must be used within 6 months

Meet the enlightenHer Money Mentors

Look for the beauty in everyday. Some days you have to look harder, but if you do - you’ll find it.

Heather Hetchler - Money Mentor and Certified Life Coach

Heather joined the team in 2017 where she presented on Second Saturdays helping women navigating divorce. Her focus is caring for a woman’s emotional well-being. Since then, she became a money mentor to empower women when it comes to finances and divorce. As a woman who has gone through divorce, single parenting and remarriage, Heather has a heart to empower women and has partnered with us to do so. 

 Heather earned a BA in Communications from Miami University and a Masters in Applied Communication and Methodology from Cleveland State University and has 22 years of experience in communications, including 10 years of life coaching and helping women reach their goals. You may know her from the work she continues to do at Learning2Step and Sisterhood of Stepmoms. She has a passion for educating, encouraging, and empowering women. She resides in Cleveland with her husband, rescue dog and the last of their six children who will launch 2022!

 Heather's Favorites:

  • Beverage: Coffee, dark roast
  • Color: Green
  • Food: Does ice cream count?
  • Band: Matthew West and Bon Jovi (it’s a tie)
  • Quote: “You weren't designed to be a character in someone else's book. Be you and be okay living a life another doesn't understand.” - me (yep, I write my own inspiration!)

It remains a dream unless you take a step!

Jane Salem - Money Mentor

Jane has worked in a variety of capacities as the enlightenHer concept has been developed. Jane is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. As an educator and parent of an adult child with special needs, her outside of the classroom passion and focus has been on encouraging, empowering and inspiring women and families through her writing. She recognizes the impact the resources of enlightenHer can have on women in many stages of and places in life. She jokes that “if she can learn finances, ANYONE can!” Her mantra now and the reason behind her role as a money mentor is that every woman should overcome the hurdle of financial intimidation, learn the skills of financial smarts…and share the value with the other women in their lives.

Jane and her husband are empty nesters spending time both in the Cleveland area near their two adult sons and at their happy place in Florida when they can.  An avid cyclist, Jane spends any free time in temps above 45 on a bike! When not cycling - cooking, reading, writing and volunteering round out her days.

Jane's Favorites:

        • Beverage – depends on the time of day in this order – coffee, water and buttery chardonnay with dinner followed by more water! 

        • Color- green

        • Food – a good seared salmon and risotto

        • Band – my musical tastes are varied but mostly revolved around 80s pop 

        • Quote- “Don’t forget that maybe you are the lighthouse in someone else’s storm”

Our Money Mentors Bring Experience to Women In Every Season of Life

20 Something?

This ain’t your mama’s financial road map (and it’s definitely not your dads!)

30-4o Something?

Finally want to “get your $hit together” with money? This is how.


50-60 Something?

“It’s not too late.  Watch me.”  (We hear that drive!)


Money Mentorship is for women who are ready to:

  • Stop doubting your money decisions
  • Be a confident spender
  • Don’t tune out when money topics come up