Work With Us

Money mentorship

We provide the knowledge and training to help you set a powerful example — to teach your daughters, nieces, friends, and on-the-rise employees to handle their money with confidence.

We also offer customized money mentorship training for organizations and groups including C-suite executives, women’s professional groups, college classes, and more. While these trainings can teach you the financial skills you need, we also equip you to teach others and will remain your mentors as you share your wisdom and experiences with others.

Online community groups

We offer support and accountability to help you stay informed and connected. You have the chance to strengthen your financial skills, share your experiences and wisdom with each other, and become powerful stewards of your wealth.

The ability to share stories and experiences with other like-minded women in a nurturing and judgment-free environment isn’t just nice, it is critical in your quest for achieving financial (and full) equality.

1:1 Financial Coaching

We provide customized support and counsel for those facing a financial challenge in their lives and need one-on-one coaching.

These areas include:

  • Divorce financial planning and analysis
  • Death of a spouse/partner (pre- and post-death support)
  • Transferring wealth to future generations
  • Starting or selling a business
  • Financial life planning*

*We offer financial life planning through our sister company, Burning River Advisory Group.