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Our Mission

enlightenHer founders Ed Vargo and Melana Carbary have a MISSION in mind.

To give women the confidence to live their version of a meaningful life.

To take away the anxiety and emotional strain of not knowing what to do.

To provide a clear vision of what life could be if you use your money to make a life instead of using your life to make money.

"I avoid looking at my bank and investment accounts because it makes me feel anxious."

Learn why you feel shame, guilt, fear, and other unhealthy money emotions in our free money lesson.

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Your emotional response to money is the key to changing [your money habits and] your financial life.

Imagine how much better you’d feel if you were confident in your money decisions!

( You've never talked about money like this before. )

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Whether you are preparing for, going thru or post processing, divorce season opens money topics even if you aren't ready.  

Emotion-ancially Distracted

All those words about shame, guilt, embarrassment and more?  That's me.  

Everything Else

Ok. Ok.  There really can be a LOT to this money thing and if those milestones aren't for you, start here. 

Money Myth:  Personal Finance is too boring and complicated.

{ and 8 other myths you may be believing in our free MONEY MYTHS GUIDE }